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HI! My name is Terriah, I am founder and CEO of Big Man Dog Sitting. I have worked in the service for pets business for over 12 years. I was a certified dog and cat groomer for a large corporation for 11 years. I am now a foster parent for the Animal Defense League here in San Antonio since June 2016. My love for animals have always been very strong, always wanting to help out animals in need and educate unknown owners. My long term PLAN is to open a nonprofit animal shelter to help take the heat off of the Animal Control Center and over packed shelters. Thank you for visiting my website and we hope to help you with your pet sitting needs!

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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Fabio "lil man" 2/1/19

Fabio also known as "Lil Man" is our newest addition to our family.  We adopted lil man from the animal defense league, August 23, 2018 and we have excelled at making him love us! (Its a joke)

When I was spending time with him in the shelter the handler told me they had jut gotten him in from animal control, they didn't know much about him except the fact that his knees popped out the socket, he had recent dental work done and was not too friendly towards the staff.

 Why adopt him I'm sure you are wondering? Everyone and thing (animals and humans) have a background good and bad and every being deserves a chance at happiness. 

So here we go Fabio and I on the way home to a new journey both of us are unsure of, but there was one thing that I was positive of is the love that was waiting at home and my family waiting to embrace him and his past.

Our first month we definitely took it slow, I learned that he needed help kennel training, trusting humans and learning positive affection. My family did that by handing him gently and slowly, speaking to him in a calm tone, not making quick movements when going to pick him up.

Six months later, Lil Man is reformed he is officially apart of our 8 pack of 2 other dogs, two children, a bearded dragon ,myself and my husband. he has turned into a major cuddle bug who loves playing with my six year old daughter, fetching squeaky toys, rolling in his bed

and living  his "best life" where he doesn't have to fear humans or dogs.

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